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I am interested in structured representation learning and representational alignment for robot learning.

I am a Master of Computing (AI Specialization) student at the National University of Singapore and a researcher in the Collaborative, Learning, and Adaptive Robots (CLeAR) Lab working with Prof. Harold Soh.

Previously, I held these positions:



Good Time to Ask: A Learning Framework for Asking for Help in Embodied Visual Navigation
Jenny Zhang, Samson Yu, Jiafei Duan, Cheston Tan
Ubiquitous Robots 2023 [Best Paper Award]
paper / code


BOSS: A Benchmark for Human Belief Prediction in Object-context Scenarios
Jiafei Duan*, Samson Yu*, Nicholas Tan, Li Yi, Cheston Tan
arXiv preprint
paper / code

ABCDE: An Agent-Based Cognitive Development Environment
Jieyi Ye, Jiafei Duan, Samson Yu, Bihan Wen, Cheston Tan
IEEE / CVF Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition Conference (CVPR) 2022, Embodied AI Workshop

Single Image Video Prediction with Auto-Regressive GANs
Jiahui Huang, Yew Ken Chia, Samson Yu, Kevin Yee, Dennis K├╝ster, Eva G. Krumhuber, Dorien Herremans, Gemma Roig


PIP: Physical Interaction Prediction via Mental Simulation with Span Selection
Jiafei Duan*, Samson Yu*, Soujanya Poria, Bihan Wen, Cheston Tan
European Conference on Computer Vision (ECCV) 2022

Aspect Sentiment Triplet Extraction using Reinforcement Learning
Samson Yu, Tapas Nayak, Navonil Majumder, Soujanya Poria
ACM International Conference on Information and Knowledge Management (CIKM) 2021
paper / code

SPACE: A Simulator for Physical Interactions and Causal Learning in 3D Environments
Jiafei Duan, Samson Yu, Cheston Tan
IEEE International Conference on Computer Vision (ICCV) 2021, Simulation Technology for Embodied AI (SEAI) Workshop [Spotlight]
paper / code

A Survey Of Embodied AI: From Simulator To Research Tasks
Jiafei Duan, Samson Yu, Hui Li Tan, Hongyuan Zhu, Cheston Tan
IEEE Transactions on Emerging Topics in Computational Intelligence (TETCI)


Recognizing Emotion Cause in Conversations
Soujanya Poria, Navonil Majumder, Devamanyu Hazarika, Deepanway Ghosal, Rishabh Bhardwaj, Samson Yu, Romila Ghosh, Niyati Chhaya, Alexander Gelbukh, Rada Mihalcea
Cognitive Computation 2021
paper / code

ActioNet: An Interactive End-To-End Platform For Task-Based Data Collection And Augmentation In 3D Environment
Jiafei Duan, Samson Yu, Hui Li Tan, Cheston Tan
IEEE International Conference for Image Processing (ICIP) 2020
paper / code / video